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Snow White

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Enjoy a Fairytale Princess Party with Snow White

Interactive Storytime

Princess Sing-a-long

Princess Lessons

Nail Painting or Pirate Tattoos (15 children or less)

Enchanting Games

Autographs for Everyone

Coronation Ceremony for the Birthday Girl


          he whole thing was phenomenal!  I couldn't believe how well she played Snow White, right down to the mannerisms and voice.  All the girls were completely enthralled and mesmerized, even the little tiny shy ones were outgoing and welcoming.  My daughter has told everyone she's seen since then that Snow White came to her party.  Everyone had a blast, and us adults had so much fun watching all the girls enjoy themselves.  Absolutely priceless.


- Jill

                 y husband and I were completely blown away with Snow White at Amelia's party.  She was absolutely wonderful.  She was in character the whole time, and was great at keeping the children entertained.  The girls were completely in awe.  Amelia was so happy to have met her.  Thank you so much for the magical experience.

- Christina


           lease extend my gratitude to the performer that portrayed Snow White at my daughter's birthday party this past weekend.  The children were star struck from the moment she walked in the door and she managed to hold their attention for the full hour, which is no small feat when you're dealing with a dozen 3 and 4 year olds.  She was extremely beautiful and actually looked like a real life Snow White, with an amazing singing voice as well!

- Dave


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