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"Aurora really was a Perfect Princess. Our little guests said it was the best birthday party they have ever been to!"

"The Snow Queen was so good with the kids today. Everyone had a great time. Our princess absolutely felt so special and enjoyed her special day today."

"It was a fantastic experience and the princess was so elegant, fun and interactive with the kids."

"Today was perfect!! Made my girls dreams come true!"

"My daughter had a wonderful birthday! Thank you so much for making her princess dreams come true."

"She had the girls attention right from the start until the end. Our daughter was in awe."

"Our daughter's party was a hit with the Little Mermaid as our special guest!"

"Snow White went above and beyond to make each child feel special and the kids were still talking about her long after she left."

"Lei’Ana loved every second and the kids at the party were simply over the moon."

"Thank you! It was an amazing experience."

"My daughter was so excited when she saw the Snow Princess and she had the time of her life dancing and singing with her favourite princess!"

"We had a great time and Ariel was AMAZING!"

"Snow White was nothing short of amazing, and every detail was perfect."

"Belle was amazing at Emily’s birthday party!"

"My daughter Onika absolutely loved having Ariel come to her birthday party! She still talks about it."

"The Snow Queen was perfect! She was so warm and interactive with the girls."

"The Little Mermaid was awesome.  Really captivated the kids attention.   My daughter loved it! Highly recommended."

"Cecelia told me this is the best birthday party she ever had."

"Thank you so much for helping to make Cordelia’s wish reveal extra special. When she started to sing, Cordelia and all her friends were so amazed. Her mom said this moment made magic real for Cordelia."

"We appreciate all that your team does for our wish kids. It was a very special event for a sweet girl."

"A dream come true for Audrina for her Birthday!"

"Tinkerbell was amazing and did an awesome job since the minute she arrived until she left."

Make-A-Wish Fundraiser

Make-A-Wish Fundraiser

"From the moment she walked through the door, until she left, she was the perfect princess for Isabella and the rest of the guests."

"The kids couldn’t believe there was a REAL PRINCESS at our house!"

"I must say we were blown away. It was not only entertaining for the kids but the parents enjoyed it as well."

"The children all had so much fun and Rapunzel has the most beautiful princess voice."

"Rapunzel was amazing my daughter has not stopped talking about her and she truly had a wish come true that day."

"We will definitely be recommending your services to all our friends."

World Wish Day

World Wish Day

"It truly made my daughter's 5th birthday memorable for her and her friends."

"I cannot stress enough how pleased I was with our princess and the services provided. She was phenomenal!!!"

"She had the kids total attention, she played her role so well, her voice was so beautiful.... I can go on, and on!!!"

"The Snow Queen was perfect in every way! She had it all -  a beautiful voice, fantastic interaction with the girls for the entire party, and was very well organized."

"My four granddaughters were delighted and entertained for the whole time she was there and continued to talk about her visit the rest of the day."

"Cinderella was on time and absolutely wonderful. She has an amazing voice and was great with the kids."

"Mikayla loved that Cinderella was at our house."

Snow Queen

Snow Queen

"The Snow Queen was fantastic with the kids and had a beautiful voice."

The Abby Fund Fundraiser Event

The Abby Fund Fundraiser Event

"She was kind and sweet and had an amazing voice!"

"I loved watching all of her reactions and adoration for the Little Mermaid. These are the moments I live for!"

"She made Justina feel really special, and she's still talking about it."

"My daughter had the time of her life as this was her first time meeting a Princess, let alone her favourite Princess."

"Lucy truly enjoyed her party and the Pop Star was awesome with the kids!"

"Lucy truly enjoyed her party and the Pop Star was awesome with the kids!"

"Lucy truly enjoyed her party and the Pop Star was awesome with the kids!"

"Thank you sooo much for the wonderful birthday party! Brooklyn had a blast and Belle was incredible!"

"Thank you I couldnt stop smiling at how good she was."

"She was fantastic!"

"Barbie was so good with the kids and made each one of the kids feel super special!"

Tinkerbell at the London Children's Museum

Tinkerbell at the London Children's Museum

Tinkerbell at the London Children's Museum

"We all had a great time thank you."

"Belle was wonderful and Rosie had a fantastic time!"

"Rosie felt so incredibly special. Thanks again to Belle and your company for putting smiles on kids' faces."

"Rapunzel was wonderful!"

"Cinderella couldn't have been more perfect! The children were all enchanted by her the second she walk in the door."

"What a delightful princess! She transformed our home into a magical place."

"She was very nice and very patient with all the kids and specially with Brianna! It was a real surprise for Brianna and for myself when she got the crown and the title of real princess!!"

"She was great with all the kids, and very talented. It really was a dream come true for our little princess!"

"Aliyah was kind of shy and hesitant when Elsa arrived and Elsa did an amazing job at including Aliyah and making her feel comfortable"

"The girls just loved her and were enchanted the entire time."

"Not only is she very good with all the children (even the more difficult ones), she has a beautiful voice and is so pretty."

"Matea was shocked and over the moon happy that Elsa came to her birthday party."

"Thanks so much for a great experience!"

Belle at Storybook Gardens

Belle at Storybook Gardens

"Elsa was amazing!"

"Ravyn absolutely LOVED her princess party"

"I greatly thank your performer for making her day very special."

"The girl that came for Sylvana's frozen party was FANTASTIC! The kids that attended had so much fun and my daughter STILL talks about it."

Cinderella at Storybook Gardens

Cinderella at Storybook Gardens

"Haylee could not stop staring up at Belle and it was so special to watch."

"Sofia did an amazing job at my daughters bday party...I will highly recommend her!!"

"Cinderella was amazing! Her voice was so beautiful... all the kids were mesmerized!"

"They both did such an incredible job emulating the princesses and keeping 12 little girls occupied for an hour. Even all of the adults were captivated by their performance!"

"Rapunzel was perfect. The girls loved her."

"She had a fantastic time!"

"Brianna and all the other princesses had a blast with Snow White!"

"My little Cinderella couldn't have been happier to have the "real" Cinderella come to her birthday party!!"

"I don't even have words to describe how wonderful it was to have princess Rapunzel come to my little princess Matea's 4th birthday"

Everleigh's Wish with the Children's Wish Foundation

Everleigh's Wish with the Children's Wish Foundation

Everleigh's Wish with the Children's Wish Foundation

"Thank you for making Sara’s birthday extra special; she absolutely loved Tinker bell and I am sure this party will be remembered for a long time!!"

Rapunzel in Dorchester on Canada Day

Rapunzel and the Frog Princess at Kids Expo in Victoria Park

"My daughter was absolutely star struck. Days later she is still telling everyone all about it."

"Cinderella was great :) my daughter loved her princess birthday party."

"As a parent I must say I was nothing but impressed with her and the girls were in awe!!!!!"

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