What makes your company different from all of the other princess companies out there?

My Perfect Princess Party specializes in character performances. Our princesses are carefully chosen based on resemblance to the real princesses, acting experience, their beautiful singing voices and knowledge of the princesses they will be portraying. When one of our princesses is at your party there will be no doubt in anyone's mind that she is the real one arrived straight from her fairytale castle. We take great pride in our image and we do not purchase costumes that are sold as Halloween costumes for adults. All of our dresses are custom made and our wigs are custom styled. Even jewelry and shoes worn by all performers are chosen specifically for each character. Our performers will look perfect from head to toe when they arrive at your party. Lastly, in addition to being singers and actresses, our princesses are also very experienced with children. Many of our performers are working towards a career with children. Our number one goal is always to make you and your child believe that there was a real fairytale princess at your party. We want to create magical memories that will last a lifetime.

How far in advance should I book my party?

In order to secure your desired time, date, and character please book your party as far in advance as possible. Generally our clients book 3-6 weeks in advance in order to secure an afternoon time slot on a Saturday or Sunday. Some characters are harder to book at the last minute than others.
This being said, we can often accomodate last minute bookings if you are flexible with your time or character!

How many children should be at my party?

Unlike many companies, our prices do not change based on the number of guests. We do not limit the number of children at our parties, however we do modify the activites to ensure that your party is fun and engaging for all of the children. We recommend trying to keep the number of children to 15 or less so that each child has an opportunity for some one on one time with the character. For parties that have more than 15 kids we do modify our party routine. Please see our party packages for more information.

Can you do a party for just one child?

Yes, we do have parties with only the birthday girl and they can be very special and magical. The birthday girl gets to spend the whole hour with the princess singing, storytime, colouring, make-up and a lot of "princess talk". The performers always enjoy these special parties.

What if there is more than one birthday girl?

We do accommodate more than one birthday child. Both children will be crowned at the coronation ceremony at no additional charge. If the second child is a boy and is also celebrating that day we will work with you to ensure that his day is just as special and magical as that of your little princess.

Can I book more than one character?

Of course you can book more than one character! Booking two characters can be very magical if you are having a party with two birthday girls who cannot decide on one character or if you have a large party of over 20 children. Each additional character is $30.00 off. This second character can entertain at the same time as the first, after your first character leaves or their time with your special princess can overlap. We will work with you to make your party a magical event!

When during my party should the character arrive?

We recommend a party where the children arrive at least a half hour before the performer. The performer arrives and completely entertains the children for one hour; Mom has to do nothing during this time. When the performer leaves, the cake can be served and the presents taken care of, then it is time to hand out loot bags and thank everyone for coming!

Can I book additional time?

We do get requests for additional time and that can be arranged. However, we do not recommend extra time for children's parties unless you have party with more than 15 children. We find that our parties are just the right length to keep young children involved and happy without overwhelming them with activities.

How much space is required?

We can do the party in an apartment, a large hall, a restaurant, an indoor playground, or your home. If you give the performer a lot of room she will spread out and use it if you have a small area she will get cozy and use that area. We only require that the performer has a chair close to an outlet where she can plug in her music. If you are booking our Pop Star Dance Party or our Fearleading Party with Draculaura, we recommend having an open area where the children can dance safely.

Can I have my party outdoors?

The only character who does not do outdoor parties is the Snow Queen. For other characters, outdoor parties are possible, however we have found that indoor parties are more enjoyable for the children. The performer requires a shaded area for her and the children that is safe for them to play in. She must also have access to her music, so an extension cord must usually be provided. Generally, our parties work better indoors where the children can hear the music better.

Do boys participate?

Boys are more than welcome at our parties! We find boys under 6 usually enjoy the party as much as the girls. Older boys sometime need to be encouraged to participate. We do have have temporary tattoos for them during the make-up so that they do not feel left out as well as prizes geared towards boys in our treasure box.

Can I bring out the cake for Happy Birthday?

If you wish to sing Happy Birthday with the cake then let the performer know when she arrives so she can adjust her program. She will happily help you seat the children at the table near the end of the party, sing along to Happy Birthday, and pose for photos.

How do I pay the performer?

Payment is done by e-transfer at least 48 hours before your party to info@myppplondon.ca