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Snow Princess

Visit our Photo Gallery to see more photos of the Snow Princess.

Enjoy a Fairytale Princess Party with the Snow Princess


Interactive Storytime

Princess Sing-a-long

Princess Lessons

Nail Painting or Pirate Tattoos (15 children or less)

Enchanting Games

Autographs for Everyone

Coronation Ceremony for the Birthday Girl


          he Snow Queen and Snow Princess were absolutely amazing!! I couldn't have asked for a better 5th birthday for Caitlyn. They were attentive and kind. Caitlyn was thrilled that they were able to attend. They were so believable and all the girls loved the opportunity to spend time with them. From the story telling to singing to games they were fantastic! They were so quick to answer the tough questions about magic and where was Olaf. Thank you so much for making Caitlyn's party unforgettable! 


- Roxanne



          ean was overwhelmed with our surprise princess visit. The Snow Princess was wonderful with the children. The kids loved every moment of her visit -- Sean came quietly over to me at one moment during the pictures and thanked me for her perfect birthday. Two days later, she is still looking fondly at her signed picture, wearing her princess crown, and even dressed up in one of her costumes pretending to be at her brother's birthday party telling stories, singing songs, and dancing with him just as Snow Princess did with her! Her visit will NEVER be forgotten! 

- Toni

          hank you, thank you, thank you! You are a terrific princess! Very professional, and stayed in character the entire time you were here. I really appreciate the positive message you relayed regarding beauty with the young girls. Makeup is fun and can make you feel fancy, but it is not what makes women beautiful. Thank you for encouraging self acceptance in our next generation of women.You were so very sweet and talented and have a lovely singing voice as well.

- Fiona


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